Day: 4 July 2008

England Update – 1(b)

The reason for the “(b)” is because the first quasi-update is found here.  

Well, Jenn and I are coming closer to our desired departure time for England, and things are certainly looking hopeful–in spite of a couple set-backs.  Let me address the set-backs before dealing with the hopeful aspects.

As mentioned in the first quasi-update, we were waiting to hear back from Dr. Lincoln concerning a possible research grant.  Dr. Lincoln informed me the other day that the request was not granted by the powers that be; however, a possible resubmission for the grant will be pursued for next year.  This was obviously bad news for us, but we–earlier on–promised to not let it damper our spirits, which would then hinder what needs to be done.  

The second “set-back” is that we’re just a bit behind in raising the necessary funds.  While this also somewhat bad news, we remain equally positive; knowing that we will eventually get to where we need to be, even it is slightly behind schedule.  

The hopeful aspects are related to the “set-backs”–well, at least the last one.  The “just a bit behind” is really only $5k, which will cover our living expenses for short while–that is, until Jenn is “able to find gainful employment.”[1]  (The conditions of a student visa stipulate that only the spouse can work while the other is attending school).  We have been incredibly blessed by several key individuals who have committed to supporting us financially; and we have been infinitely blessed by many more who have committed to supporting us emotionally and prayerfully–both are well beyond what we could imagine, and both are certainly more than we deserve.  We thank all of you!

A second hopeful aspect comes from England.  A very kind lady has agreed to allow us to rent her house while we are in England for the duration of the PhD program.  Not only that, but she has agreed to allow us to rent it for a very reasonable price.  What is more, her house is only five minutes (walking) from the school.  (A little further away would be fine with me, as I could stand to lose a few pounds of insulation).  It is a quaint little “terraced house”[2] with a blue door, two bedrooms, and a cozy little back “garden.”[3]  She too has been a wonderful blessing to us, and we are definitely grateful for her and her generosity.  

That’s it for now, but more will come as more arrives in the days that follow.  


[1] Props to anyone who knows the movie from where this quote comes. 
[2] A British “terraced house” is comparable to an American townhouse–though slightly smaller.
[3] A “garden” is British for “yard”.