Day: 24 July 2008

England Update – 2

I wish this update would be entirely good news; but alas, my wish will have to remain a wish.  We heard today that one of the possible scholarships/grants we sought after will not be awarded.  While on the surface this is bad news; on deeper levels (ones that I cannot rightly disclose), it ultimately proves itself to be “okay” news–or, “we understand” news.  We want to extend our deepest thanks to those of you who have prayed for us in this regard.  Your thoughts and prayers are far more valuable to us than any monetary award can bestow.  

The superficiality of this can be disheartening, but we will not let it become so.  We know that this closed opportunity is not the end of the world, nor will we view it remotely as such.  It’s simply a bump in the road.  We will press on as before and we will remain hopeful for what is ahead–both near and distant.  We will also continue to keep everyone updated on our journeys toward England, and we will certainly detail our progress during our time in England.  Again, we cannot thank you enough for your support and encouragement–all of you who give us such things are invaluable to us.


Update: Lest there be any confusion, the above comments were not meant to suggest: “we’re not going to England this year.”  We are still aiming for our original arrival date, which is some time early September.  Us not receiving the grant simply means we will need to be (wisely) creative and remain hopeful for what God has in store.