England Update – 3

After a long, drawn-out process, and one expensive phone call later, our visa applications were completed and sent to the British Consulate in Chicago.  They arrived in their hands around 9:00a today (15-Aug).  In many ways, we have been kicking ourselves for not submitting the applications sooner; but in other ways, we realized that we would have been unable to do so.  Much of what we needed to complete the applications were unavailable to us until after July–e.g., my final transcript, more stable financial assets, a full unconditional letter of acceptance from the University of Gloucestershire, etc.  While this is definitely not the way in which we would have liked things to happen; they happened nonetheless, and we dealt with the whole process to the best of our ability.  So now, it’s a waiting game to see if our applications are acceptable or if we will be delayed.  

In a more positive light, we are close to having our house completely packed so that we can move back to Atlanta before finally moving to Cheltenham (England).  We were astounded to discover just how much “stuff” we have amassed in just two short years of living in Cincinnati.  I unashamedly confess that the bulk of the “stuff” is a compounded library.  One of my guilty pleasures is finding old, rare books; and Cincinnati has several stores that sell such things at wonderfully low prices; so the temptation is nearly impossible to resist.  But recently, much to the surprise of those who know me, I decided to slim down the shelves and sell some of my collection–110 books, to exact.  The majority of these were books that I’ve already read or books I no longer need.  This left me with just over 1000 books to choose from–i.e., which go to England and which ones stay in the States.  I now have that lot down to one bookshelf, which comes out to be around 150 books.

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