Slight changes

There have been some small changes in the blogging habits of the Sweatman household.  The change in question is the creation of a blog specifically for detailing our life and times here in England.  The more explicit reasons for the change can be found on that site.  Bookmark it, read it, comment on it, and enjoy!

That being the case, this blog will no longer house such posts; the focus here will return to all the academic (i.e., boring–for some of you) stuff.  On a happier note, some of our boxes from the States are on the way, which means: clothes and “Wellies” for Jenn, and books and papers for me!  Once the book-boxes arrive, I will be able to continue with the book reviews.  

That’s all for now.


  1. Seems odd to pack wellies in with the books, but since up there it must be well into autumn they’ll both come in handy for the coming months – trudging round the estate or curled up in front of the fire respectively. It also seems an unequal division of labour, but that may keep the complementatians happy 😉

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