Day: 17 November 2008

Desktop Challange

Per the request of a fellow blogger, Jim West, I am contributing to the cause.  The cause: what is the background for your desktop?  The task: to take a screenshot and post it on your own blog.  The reason: it’s just fun to see what people have as their background.  Here’s mine:


This picture was taken when Jenn and I went to visit some dear friends (Tony & Maureen) in Coventry, England.  On the way, we stopped at the home village of Maureen (in Priors Hardwick) so that she could tend to the grave site of her late mother.  After paying our respects, we walked around a bit and I took this picture as we toured the inside of the village church.

UPDATE/CORRECTION:  While looking back through my pictures of this trip, I realized that I gave the wrong location for this picture.  To correct the matter: this picture came from inside the church at Berswell, which is the birthplace of our friend, Tony.  This church was built around mid-12th century.