JVC earphones vs. Amica washing machine

I have an occasional bad habit of leaving things in my pockets (e.g. kleenex, scraps of paper, gum wrappers, chapstick, etc) only to be found again on the wrong side of the wash-cycle.  I have tried to do better with making sure the pockets are empty before laundry-time, but I admittedly slip from time to time.

Recently (i.e. today), a load of wash was done and all of my pockets were checked beforehand with the exception of one.  I have an old scrub-top that is a perfect lounging shirt which has a pocket on the front.  While working the other day, I was using my earphones to enjoy some wonderful tunes generated by the masterfully talented Yo-yo Ma.  At some point, most likely lunch time, the earphones come out and I tucked them away into my scrub-top pocket . . . and forgot about them, until this evening.

When the washing machine was emptied, my wife casually said, “Umm, Carl. . .” and alerted me to the jumbled mess of the earphone cord protruding from the bundle of clothes.  We both laughed and then wondered: “Do they still work?”  I could not resist testing it.  So I carefully inserted the plug into the laptop and kicked up the volume–mainly because I didn’t want to stick those things in my ears after they’ve been through an entire wash-cycle–and waited for the result.  To my complete astonishment, the earphones worked perfectly; in fact, Yo-yo Ma sounded better (if that’s even possible).

So, JVC earphones: 1; Amica washing machine: 0.


  1. After years of doing laundry on my own, the first time I attempted it alone as a married man I washed an entire box of dryer sheets. They (especially the cardboard box) did not fair as well as your headphones. At least I’m off laundry duty.

    1. An entire box??!! Wow. . .that’s awesome! 🙂 Well, at least the clothes will have a rather enduring clean smell to them for the years to come.

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