Scattered, smothered, and nearly covered

April DeConick offered a quick and rather cogent post on the mysteries of the deep.  Okay, so I fibbed a little.  It’s really about the stuff that gets buried on one’s desk in the process of working/researching.  I thought it would be fun to do something similar, but with pictures!  I basically have two work environments: one at the ‘official’ space at the University, and the other at the ‘commandeered’ space at the house. 

At the University

MacBook Pro; PC (used for internet and e-mail); Greek New Testament (NA27); H.J. Cadbury, Making of Luke-Acts (1958); J.C. Beker, Paul the Apostle (1980); M.J. Gorman, Cruciformity (2001); F.J. Matera, New Testament Theology (2007); A.J. Malherbe, Letters to the Thessalonians (2001); Bible (NASB); notepads; a plethora of journal articles; pen; lamp that I never use; and coffee.

At the Homestead*

MacBook Pro (same one); Greek New Testament (NA27–yep, same one); A.C. Thiselton, First Corinthians (2000); G.D. Fee, First Corinthians (1987); R. Pickett, Cross at Corinth (1997)–under Fee’s book; W. Schrage, Der erste Brief an die Korinther, vol. 1 (1991); more notepads; more journal articles; coffee (sadly empty); pen; and specs.

What about you?  How do you like your desk?

* I should mention that the ‘homestead’ picture was taken earlier (i.e. about a month ago), but nevertheless reflects my usual plight.

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