Day: 28 April 2010

shows what I (don’t) know

Just for fun, I took the ‘Who Should You Vote For?‘ in the 2010 UK elections (HT: clayboy). I must admit that my knowledge of UK politics is rather laughable, and my being from the States has very little to do with that. (My knowledge and appreciation of American politics is slightly less funny). This meant that on several questions, I found myself responding: ‘Yeah, I have no idea what the really means’ and then choosing the lesser tick or cross. My doing so might be reflected in the results.

What I did find a bit strange was the ‘Info’ link following each statement. It pretty much tells you who or what party is backing or opposing that particular idea; thus, if you want to favour (or oppose) a certain party, then you might be inclined to respond according to what the ‘Info’ says, regardless of whether or not you agree (or disagree) with the particular idea. Since the quiz is aimed at determining the personal preference of the quiz-taker, I would say answer the questions without looking at the ‘Info’ and see what happens. That way you will answer according to how you stand on particular issues and not according to how party-positions might sway you. Who knows, you might be surprised (I was).* Here are my results:

Labour 32
Conservative 10
UK Independence -1
Liberal Democrat -16
Green -28

You expected: CON

Your recommendation: Labour

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* Keep in mind, this is an internet-based quiz.