exposing ourselves

Well, okay fine (you naughty people): exposing our computer desktops.  This particular trend (for this time at least) seems to have begun with a chap called, Michael.  It then went to Nick, before getting picked up by Bitsy, then Jason, then Mark (who is absolutely bonkers for thinking his is boring–there is nothing boring about an Aston) and now it is here.  (It may have gone beyond those just named; they are simply the first ones I noticed). 

The deal with the trend is quite simple: post a picture of your computer desktop, explain the bits that are on it, post it on your blog and then sit back relishing in the fact that you’re just a nerd.  (I’m okay with that.  I’ve spent the vast majority of my life in school–because I’ve wanted to; how much nerdier can you get?).  So, here is the picture on my desktop with a follow-up explanation:

(Nick, please don’t shun me for having a Mac).  This is sadly more cluttered that it usually is, but I just recently downloaded a number of things and forgot to file them appropriately. 

The picture itself was taken a couple of months ago from our bedroom window.  These sorts of sunsets (i.e. the beautiful array of colours) are not uncommon for us when we have a cloudy evening.  ‘Serene’ just doesn’t even come close to describing this sort of view (when you ignore all the cars and old school aerials). 

Starting from the bottom, just to be different (and sorry for not having cool numbers or pointers to go with the items on my desktop):

  1. ‘the Dock’, which shows multiple applications open at once
  2. The red dot on the left indicates an e-mail–one that brought with it great news (but more about that much later)
  3. The word document files on the right of ‘the Dock’ are various projects that I’m working on–e.g. a sermon for this Sunday evening, the revised installment for a chapter in my thesis, teaching notes for when I get a job
  4. Moving up in the world (on the right): my brother’s most recent sermon, which was quite insightful and challenging
  5. A couple PDFs I needed for something, but now can’t remember what .  . . I should probably figure that out
  6. Next, a bunch of mp3s I yanked from St Mellitus‘ site, where they have posted the various talks from their most recent ‘Holy Spirit in the World Today Conference’
  7. Three more PDFs from Michael Halcomb’s site, but this time I know what they are for: theological French, since I need to be learning it (thanks, Michael; your outlines/summaries have been extremely helpful)
  8. Then two PDFs that are full-blown books to add to my digital collection (which is somewhere near 500 by now)
  9. Next is a Word-doc version of Xenophon’s Life of Cyrus the Great–I’m really interested in the Persian Empire at the moment, and I’m not really sure why
  10. Two more PDFs that are basic study charts for minor things–really just helpful memory tools for me
  11. iTunes player showing what I’m currently listening to–i.e. Lawrence Schiffman’s three-part lecture on the Dead Sea Community (from iTunesU)
  12. Unseen behind the iTunes player are a few more random files that are less important–hello, they’re hidden behind the player

There you go.  That’s it for me.

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