Day: 23 July 2010

restful fridays with Ridderbos

Today’s installment comes from an article I had to read for part of my research.  Unlike the previous quotes in this series, the following is not only shorter (slightly) but also not concerned with the topic of eschatology.  (I noticed a theme starting to form with the previous quotes, so I wanted to make sure this series is not one-sided in focus).  Here’s today quote:

Possibly we would like to learn from Acts more about Peter and his ‘theology’.  But we must realize that Peter’s speeches are not given [to] us for this purpose.  Luke is not interested in what is specifically Petrine or Pauline.  Their joint significance in the service of Christ and the gospel is more important to his purpose than anything which is peculiar to the one or to the other.  That is why the speeches in Acts cannot serve as a primary source for the ‘theology’ of Peter and Paul.  For that, one must always consult primarly their Epistles.

– Ridderbos, ‘The Speeches of Peter in the Acts of the Apostles’ (1961), 7-8.