repeating the old is not creating something new

I have no idea why I’m even bothering posting this, other than the fact that this sort of thing bothers me.  Per my usual practice, after lunch I checked through my various e-mails and had a quick glance through the news.  I did my absolute best to resist clicking on one particular link simply because I knew what it would be and I knew how it would affect me.  However, I failed at doing my absolute best and I was proven right on both counts.  Here’s the link.

Here’s my problem.  Not only are some of the styles shown utterly atrocious–in both style and price–but collectively they are truly nothing new.  The article touts these style as ‘the latest’ and newest ‘trends’, ways for ‘updating’ one’s waredrobe; none of which is really true.  What’s shown is nothing more than a throwback to an era that most people (in the right minds) would love to forget–in terms of the fashion.  There is a reason why the styles that plagued the late-70s, all of the 80s and the early part of the 90s all disappeared without much of a fuss.  It’s because they were crap, and in some cases humilitating (retrospectively speaking). 

The only thing ‘new’ about these trends is that they cost more, and in most cases they cost more just so that people can look cheap.  However, just because something costs more doesn’t mean it’s worth more or worthy of purchase.  (And let’s not forget that, in some cases [style wise],  just because it costs more it does make the person look less cheap).  Things where large sums of cash should be spent are things that are unique, classy and/or desireable for reasons other than mere aesthetics.  None of these trends are these things, primarily because they do nothing more than focus on visual appeal (which is rather demeaning) and wind up homogenising everyone (which is rather derespectful). 

Okay; I’m done.  Back to my paper.

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