restful fridays with Ridderbos

Yeah, yeah, yeah; I realise that I’ve fallen a bit behind in my Ridderbossing.  The past few weeks have been quite loaded with other responsibilities, which caused me to make decisions about what was essential and what was not.  With all due respect to the man, blogging about Ridderbos simply was not a top priority.  However, things have settled down a bit, which means I now have time to return this series.

As with the last instalment, this week’s quote comes from article and not the usual well that is Ridderbos’ tome on Paul’s theology.  I came across this article not only because I was searching for additional materials by Ridderbos, but also because it deals with a topic of growing interest for me: the canon of the New Testament.  In a few weeks, I hope to offer a response to a particular view of the canon I recently heard from Simon Kistemaker.  For now, I will simply offer this rather interesting observation from Ridderbos:

[T]he history of the Canon is the process of the growing consciousness of the Church concerning its ecumenical foundation. . . . [T]he Church had never wished to live by anything other than that which had been delivered to it as Canon by way of Christ [i.e. apostolic witness and tradition], and that the Church, in order to be able to continue to do this, as a matter of course returned to and concentrated on a scripturally-fixed tradition.

-Ridderbos, ‘The Canon of the New Testament,’* 198, 199 (emphasis original)

* Full citation: H. Ridderbos, ‘The Canon of the New Testament,’ in Revelation and the Bible: Contemporary Evangelical Thought (ed. C.F. Henry; London: Tyndale Press, 1959), 189-201.

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