Day: 24 August 2010

new page added

For those of you who desparately interested, or in desparate need of a sleeping aid, I have added a new page to this blog.  This new page, if you didn’t already click the link just given, holds all the sermons I’ve preached over the years. 

Well, I shouldn’t say ‘all the sermons’, because there are a few that have gone missing–primarily because they were composed on other computers and I didn’t save things properly back then.  I relied on hardcopies because of my distrust of technology.  Stupid.  With that in mind: this new page has nearly all of the sermons I’ve preached over the years. 

Don’t get your hopes up too high, though; there aren’t that many.  You could probably read the whole lot in a single afternoon.  I hope to add a few more over the coming months and years, since Rog (our vicar) has been ever so gracious to include me on the preaching rotation at church.  We’re getting close to pausing our study on Mark’s Gospel so that we can do a series on the 10 Commandments. 

There you are.  Have a look, if you wish.  As it says on that page, I welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement.