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I absolutely and without reserve loathe Microsoft Windows and just about everything it runs, especially Internet Explorer.  ‘What happened?’ you might be asking. 

Simple: I was trying to find a few articles for my research as well as check on a few other items needed for the same research.  Because I was multitasking this operation (yes, I can and do multitask; yes, I am a male; ergo: it is possible for males [especially those with ADD] to do what females think is impossible), I was employing the services of tabbed browsing. 

So as not to overload one particular window, I had roughly eight tabs running, almost evenly distributed between two windows.  While locating an important find in one tab in one window, thus leaving all the others alone for the moment; I right-clicked the link to create yet another tab so that I could see if the article was in fact what I wanted–without navigating away from my (one) search page. 

Lo and behold, upon right-clicking, the screen froze and then everything become non-responsive.  I waited it out for a few minutes, but nothing changed.  I tried right-clicking the window tab in the toolbar so that I could simply close that window, but that wound up freezing the screen even more.  I then decided to ‘end task’ on the specific window that creating digital havoc, only to have the whole of Internet Explorer shut down and restart; ergo, I lost everything I had open.  Now I have to go back and find all of it.  And the new history search in Internet Explorer, per Windows Vista, is next to useless.



  1. May I suggest a different browser like Firefox, which is pretty good at remembering what windows were open when/if the program crashes?

    1. I wish I could use it. However, since I use the computer assigned to me by the Uni, and since they’re a bit picky on what you’re allowed to download and install; Firefox might be a bit tricky. But then again, I could always ask.

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