random bits

Today is my day off (sort of) from my usual routine, so I’ve decided to do very little except nose around the internet and see what’s happening in the news.  For those of you who know me, if I’m purposefully looking at the news then I must be really bored.  My first find was this interesting little juxtaposition of stories:

I could be wrong, but I don’t think those two ‘facts’ jive too well.  (I think the writers and/or researchers need to have a little chat with each other).  If the first is true, then the people behind the second have some splanin to do.  However, if the second is true, then people of whom the second speaks have cause for fear.  Just as an aside (or two): that’s a real shame about Leno’s break down, and the deal with Burnquist (the tab next to the Yahoo tab) is pretty sweet.

In other news, I found this story and was deeply bothered by it.  (My apologies if you have to deal with the stupid flashplayer ads on that page, especially if it’s the deplorable ‘Lynx Wingman’ ad).  While it might be true that accidents in the 60s and 70s are ‘not significantly different’ than they are today, that is not good reason to propose what is being proposed.  Using the same logic as DiSimone, why not propose paying a daily fee for not wearing a seatbelt; after all, the majority of cars prior to the 1960s were not equipped with seatbelts.  Asinine.  I think the real reason why this story bothers me has two parts: 1) it fosters the idea that breaking the law is acceptable as long as you can pay for it, and 2) the motivation for the proposal is money; there is no real concern for human safety.

Moving on.  The ‘sort of’ part of my day off means that I still do some routine things.  One of those is a quick glance at the job-market for positions in my field of study.  I know that I still have some time before I finish my PhD, but it doesn’t really hurt to see what’s out there and what sort of expertise is needed.  One of the places I typically search is the SBL Career page, which tends to be quite good.  (The others I usually search can be found here and here).  If you clicked the SBL link, you would have seen the other bit of ‘news’ that caught my attention.  If you didn’t click it (shame on you), then here it is:

I tremendous respect for Duke University and all that they do specifically for biblical scholarship, and I know that the position on offer is a named position; but you have to admit that the blurb is quite amusing.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

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