new hand-dryers at the Uni blow

something between cool and tepid air, which seems to make the machines rather useless.

Sure, the Uni is trying to save money (and the environment) by installing more eco-friendly machines; not to mention installing machines in general because it saves on buying paper towels, which ensures saving a few more trees.  The machines might be more cost-efficient in the sense that they are sensor-activated (and de-activated) and run for a set period of time, which is typically not that long.

However, when the machines blow air at a rate that is equivalent to a small jet plane, and when the air that is blown from the machines is barely tepid thus requiring the drying experience to be considerably longer; I am left wondering if there is really any saved costs by installing such next-to-useless devices.  With the old dryers, my hands were dry before the set time elapsed; now, I go through two full intervals before finally giving up and finish drying my hands on my jeans.

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