Day: 1 November 2010

I hope there’s more

I ran across this story earlier this morning and found it to be almost spot on.  Ms Kinsella is to be applauded for her desire to confront the lack of education about knife crime awareness.*  Ms Kinsella is certainly correct in saying that awareness and prevention are key aspects of what need to be learned.  Also, her request that addressing this lack of education must take place where education should occur (i.e. the schools) is apropos.

However, I do not think that providing awareness and prevention education alone will solve the issue she seeks to defeat.  Sure, being aware of knife crime and knowing how to prevent yourself from being the victim of such a crime are vitally important.  But what about those who do knife crimes?  How are awareness and prevention education going alter the crimes they commit?  Moreover, how is this type of education going to affect their desire to commit such crimes?  I truly hope there is more to her agenda than simply raising awareness and giving prevention tips.

For me, and I confess that I’m arguing in the dark here, there needs to be a (re)education on good, social conduct and that acting in an anti-social manner (especially when it is violent) is not something to be praised or encouraged or even tolerated.  Slightly unrelated, there needs to be a (re)education about controlling one’s passions or emotions and the discipline of restraint or moderation.  Moreover, there needs to be a (re)education about what it means to be human as well as a (re)education on the sanctity of human life.

* I think she would agree with me in saying that such education should also include awareness about other sorts of violence–e.g. guns.