Day: 8 November 2010

quote of the day

Top Gear‘s James May has put together another great series of shows as an independent host.  Before, the series Top Toys was about rediscovering classic toys and reproducing them in grandiose ways; this time, the series deals with how men can learn (once again) how to do manly-type tasks–hence the show’s title, Man Lab.  The quote for the day is from the introduction of the first episode:

This is a plug.  And last year research revealed that 8 out of 10 modern men are not entirely sure how to wire it up.  This is where man finds himself these days: 10,000 years in the making; 10,000 years of endeavour in the science and the arts and the humanities.  And within one generation he’s been reduced to a feckless, bed-wetting, parmesan-shaving imbecile who revels in his own uselessness.  Something has to be done.