Day: 29 November 2010

What’s your ride? (meme)

My source for this is none other than the always studious, Nick Norelli.  His source was the always engaging, Mark Stevens.  My contribution to this meme will be relatively random, primarily because . . . well, you’ll see.

The car we used to have was this (but we sold it):

(2005 Mini Cooper, automatic)

The most fun car that I’ve driven so far since moving to England was this one (which was hired):

(2010 BMW 120d, M-series, 6-speed)

The one that we usually try to get when family comes into town is this one (and the one we presently have on hire, except ours is silver):

(2009[?] Vauxhall Insignia, Turbo diesel, 6-speed)

However, here is my usual, everyday ride:

(Just some ol’ Doc Martin’s that I found at a charity shop in Chipping Norton)