research opportunity

Over at Storied Theology, J.R. Daniel Kirk has altered the blogosphere to a research opportunity at the University of Gloucestershire.  The announcement reads thusly:

Dept of Humanities
University of Gloucestershire

The Department proposes to offer a studentship for a PhD in the area
of the Bible and Spirituality. The studentship will be held within a
three-year project sponsored by the Department’s Research Centre for
the Bible and Spirituality in conjunction with the Bible Society. Its
aim is to explore forms of spirituality that find expression in the
Bible, and the relation of these to other contemporary concepts of

The studentship, which is designed to cover a substantial part of the
student’s costs, may be awarded to a suitably qualified candidate who
proposes to work in any area of biblical spirituality, Old Testament
or New Testament, within the terms of the project. The studentship
will begin in February or September 2011, and is renewable annually.
Further details are available on request from:

Mrs Patricia Downes
Humanities Courses Administrator
University of Gloucestershire
Francis Close Hall
Swindon Road
GL50 4AZ

Tel: 01242 714570

In many ways this announcement surprised for me; I did not know that such a studentship was on the table.  Moreover, I freely admit that I was a bit jealous about this opportunity, seeing that I’ve started the third year of my programme (and the second year of my writing).  This is the sort of thing I was hoping for when I began.

However, my jealousy aside–because it’s ultimately meaningless–this is indeed a great opportunity for those interested.  The staff involved are phenomenal, and the intensity of study and quality of dialogue are deeply rewarding.  So, for all of you out there either finishing a Master’s degree in Bible, theology and/or spirituality and wanting to do more, or even if it’s been a while since your last degree but you’re still feeling a pull toward further education; stop reading this blog right now and inquire about or apply for this studentship!

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