in you’ve ever wondered (ladies) . . .

A study was finally conducted to see what guys thought of the “latest” women’s fashion trends, which has a summary report here. (I put “latest” in quotes because many of these trends are nothing new; they are simply attempts at resuscitating something from the past . .  . which should have been left to rot in peace).

If you are a woman reading of this blog (there should be about five of you), please consider the responses to the fashion fads; I think there is much truth in what these guys are saying (although, I have a couple of concerns with some of answers). If you are a guy reading this (that would cover the remaining three of my readership), please feel free to chime in if you any further opinions or suggestions.

I do have one main concern with the findings of this study.  While I find myself in agreement with the guys’ responses to sweats (especially Steve and Joey), wordy t-shirts (especially Ed), uggs (all four guys and the jury) and ginormous sunglasses (especially Ed), I am quite troubled by the responses about leggings (with the exception of Joey), which I’m assuming includes the ridiculous jeggings, and miniskirts.

Here’s why I’m troubled: let’s assume for the moment that the opinions given about leggings and miniskirts represent the vast majority of guys. If that is the case, and if these sorts of comments are being made, then the reality, ladies, is that you are being objectified and considered sexually appealing in a ‘one-night-stand’ sort of way. In other words, these sorts of opinions show that the vast majority of guys have very little concern with who you are as a person and are more concerned about whether or not they can score. And this opinion/hope of theirs is formed simply on the basis what you’re wearing. I would bet (and hope) that you are not that superficial and are not wanting to play into this when you choose an outfit. If you are (and only you can know this), then I pray for you–specifically your own understanding of your value and self-worth.

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