Day: 27 January 2011

not liking it

I need some help from my fellow Mac geeks (or those familiar with Safari). Last night, I did a basic system update without any real problems. As soon as it was done, I closed up and went to sleep. This morning, when I reopened for ‘business’, I found something strangely (and annoyingly) different about Safari, and I’m not liking it.

Before, when using tab-browsing, I could create a ton of new tabs without any trouble.  Command-T, and that’s it.  (Or, if I’m feeling mousey, double-click in the grey area next to an existing tab, and done). Now, if I create a new one (in either way), the existing tab loses the page and goes straight to my ‘top sites’ page, which looks like this:*

To make things more interesting (=annoying): let’s say I create a new tab and remain unbothered by the loss of the page in the first tab. If I type a website into the newly created tab and hit enter, the tab that lost everything becomes the place where the website typed into the new tab appears. (Still with me?) I’ve looked into Preferences to see if anything was different about my tab-browsing options, and nothing has changed (and nothing was added with the update).

Anyone have any ideas?

* Those of you recognising your own website, don’t try to read anything into the order in which they appear. Even though Jim West‘s page is first.