not liking it

I need some help from my fellow Mac geeks (or those familiar with Safari). Last night, I did a basic system update without any real problems. As soon as it was done, I closed up and went to sleep. This morning, when I reopened for ‘business’, I found something strangely (and annoyingly) different about Safari, and I’m not liking it.

Before, when using tab-browsing, I could create a ton of new tabs without any trouble.  Command-T, and that’s it.  (Or, if I’m feeling mousey, double-click in the grey area next to an existing tab, and done). Now, if I create a new one (in either way), the existing tab loses the page and goes straight to my ‘top sites’ page, which looks like this:*

To make things more interesting (=annoying): let’s say I create a new tab and remain unbothered by the loss of the page in the first tab. If I type a website into the newly created tab and hit enter, the tab that lost everything becomes the place where the website typed into the new tab appears. (Still with me?) I’ve looked into Preferences to see if anything was different about my tab-browsing options, and nothing has changed (and nothing was added with the update).

Anyone have any ideas?

* Those of you recognising your own website, don’t try to read anything into the order in which they appear. Even though Jim West‘s page is first.


  1. I’ve been using Safari since yesterday and the same thing is happening with mine. I didn’t do any updates though so I don’t know that the update affected you. When I type a URL into the newly created tab nothing at all happens. It simply won’t load the page. I don’t think that this was happening last night. I wish I could help you out. Oh, and I won’t read anything into coming in second to Jim in your order, I know it must be random. 😉

    1. Well, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. So we’ll suffer together. 😉 I’ll have a nose around and see if I can turn up anything useful. If I do, I’ll pass it along. And thanks for understanding the randomness of the order.

  2. It looks like you might be running a different OS than I am (Snow Leopard?) because your screenshot looks slightly different than Safari does for me. But my guess is that its a setting in the General tab of your Safari Preferences. There are two options that might affect what you’re seeing: “New Windows Open With” and “New Tabs Open With”. The page they’re opening to is Top Sites – which may not be to your liking.

    I’m puzzled by the existing window reverting to Top Sites though. I actually like the Top Sites feature, and have my most used sites pinned on the page for quick access. But it only comes up when I actually open a NEW tab or page – it does nothing to my existing tab.

    If nothing there fixes it, try googling something about “top sites” “safari” and problem or existing tab, etc. There’s lots of good forums out there, and chances are if you’re having the problem, someone else has as well. i’ve fixed a lot of issues by finding the right forum post. Good luck. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the tip about the forums. I keep forgetting about those. I’ll have a peek later on today and see what I can find. As far as the preferences go, I only have the first and third boxes ticked. I honestly cannot remember if I had the middle one ticked before or not. I don’t think it would be that. As far as the OS goes, it is Snow Leopard (Mac OS X, version 10.6.6), so it is weird that you have a slightly different set up.

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