try again

The ‘artwork’ mentioned in this story is quite impressive; the journalist’s attempt at being profound and dramatic, not so much. After a gander through the available photos, I failed to see how ‘unless you look really closely, you’ll miss him entirely’ could possibly be true.* Maybe I have a rare gift and I can spot easily what other people miss.  Or maybe it’s the fact that the dude is not ‘truly invisible’ (as the writer suggests), and his shape and shadows give him away, and that his painted self disrupts the natural and seemless blend of colours in the background. You want to see someone do invisible or disappear from sight completely, try playing hide-and-seek with a US Marine Corps sniper or a team of US Navy SEALs.

* I’ll admit that one photo did take a couple extra seconds.


    1. That’s the same one where I struggled. I don’t know if you looked, but the ones on his site are really cool. My ranting aside, the dude and his team have some real talent.

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