did I miss something?

Side-stepping the fact that a 61-year-old woman gave birth to her own grandson (props to her), I was a bit puzzled by the description which reads:

Ms Connell, 35, and her husband Bill are the biological parents of the baby boy, Finnean Lee, who was conceived through IVF, but carried by her mother.

What puzzled me was the use of ‘Ms’ for a married women. At first I thought it might have been a typo, but the rest of the article uses the same designation. So, either the writer mistyped a bunch of times on the same thing, or something else is going on.

Am I missing something with regard to this use of ‘Ms’ for a married women? Or has the PC (not the computer) insantity become more ridiculous by extracting anything that looks masculine, thus castrating the ‘r’ out of the title?


  1. I equate the use of Ms rather than Mrs (where appropriate) with the use of BCE instead of BC, and CE rather than AD. We have gone mad with PC. Are we really fooling anyone other than ourselves?

  2. I did hear an American once say that in America “Ms” means “Miss.” But that’s not so in the UK and Australia – here it is simply the title for a woman, whether married or not – the equivalent of Mr.

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