there and back again

This video has been making the rounds in the blogosphere.* I saw it first on Jim West, then Joel Watts, and then Gavin Rumney (a new blog to me). The main reason why I’m reposting it is because Rossing provides an explanation that needs to be considered, at least as a beginning point for a proper understanding of what the Bible teaches. I’m also a tad sadistic in that I enjoy seeing weak/poor theology being smacked around.

* I would have uploaded the video here, but I’m not exactly sure how to do that–or even if I can, seeing that I have a basic [i.e. free] version of wordpress.

One comment

  1. My old (free) wordpress theme allowed me to post videos, but my present theme seems to have a bug in it, as it won’t display them. But in theory you should be able to click on one of the little icons above the textbox when you’re creating a new post, and it will take you to instructions for inserting a video

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