for the nerd in some of us

This has been done before, but let’s have fun doing it again. The deal is rather simple: take a picture of your computer desktop, supply details about the image, post it to your blog, tag a few people, sit back and enjoy being a nerd. Here’s my meagre contribution to nerddom:

1. Picture is of St Catherine’s Island that I took while in Tenby, Wales with my gorgeous wife
2. Icons, from left to right: finder, appstore (new one), dashboard, mail, safari, firefox, iChat, skype, address book, scrivener (awesome), pages, keynote, numbers, word, excel, publisher, entourage, iFlash (awesome), iFamily (not working at the moment), dictionary, spotify, iTunes, quicktime, iPhoto, iProcrastinate, calendar, stickies, system preferences, time machine (it’s a hoax; I haven’t been able to go any where [or, any time]), and preview.
3. The rest: general folder, NETbible, my notes on revelation, document file, E. Jacquier (History of the Books of the New Testament: St Paul and His Epistles [1907]), G. Vos (‘Eschtatological Aspects of the Pauline Conception of the Spirit’ [1912]), my notes on Jacquier, my notes on Christian mediation, previous sermon on false teachers, upcoming sermon on ‘study’, greek vocabulary (just to stay fresh), lesson for kid’s woship (yesterday), my notes for our weekly home-group study on James, J. Ropes (Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Epistle of St James [1916]), and a safari window.

For the five or six of you who read this: you’re tagged.

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