I got gas . . .

Recently, I’ve seen not a few people, mostly from the States, voicing displeasure over current gas prices.[1] I’ve heard of prices for ‘regular’ grade nearing the $4/gallon mark in Atlanta (my home town), and just under $3.50/gallon in Cincinnati (a former place of residence). I think the lowest price I’ve heard thus far is $3.29/gallon. Sure, these are drastic prices to pay, and they certainly give cause for lament. But to borrow (loosely) from one of my favourite writers: ‘if anyone has reason to lament, I have more.’

At present, our average fuel costs (in Cheltenham [England], where we live) are £1.31 . . . per litre. This means, with 4.54609188 litres in a gallon,[2] we pay £5.95/gallon. On the current exchange rate (i.e. today, about 5 minutes ago), this means we’re paying $9.59(ish) for a gallon of gas.[3] So, the next time you get gas (at c. $3.50/gallon), just be thankful you don’t have to endure the pain I feel when I get gas.

[1] For the Brits: read ‘gas’ as ‘petrol’.
[2] The figure for an ‘imperial gallon’.
[3] Sure, we live on an island but technically so do people in the Americas; but more than that: we’re closer to the primary source, so shipping cost should be (in theory) less.


  1. I’d always heard that gas was much higher in Europe than in the U.S. And that is very high. It does help that European society is generally better set up for people to drive much less (to my understanding – correct me if I’m wrong here). I’d love to have better public transportation that we could use, and to have my community set up in such a way that I could walk or bike as a reasonable alternative to driving. But its just not the case where we live. So we keep buying gas as the prices rise.

    (The reduced need to drive everywhere was actually one thing we were really looking forward to when planning to study in England)

    I’m sure that doesn’t make paying such prices any easier. But I suspect that the impact of that price would likely be worse in most American communities than in European communities. Am I wrong?

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