around the web in a few minutes

Just got back from lunch and went through my usual routine of checking the web (and writing this up) before burying myself in the books.  Admittedly, much of what I found came from YahooNews, but it was fairly interesting stuff nonetheless.  So, here ya go:

First, a series of clips of the world’s most dangerous aiports.  The one on the golf course cracks me up. I can just about imagine the pro-shop: clubs, extra balls, tees, gloves, shirts, hats . . . ear plugs.

Here’s something for those wanting to generate catchy CV–specifically, what not to do. Either I have a wrong idea about what a CV is meant to look like, or I’m in the clear because I took a straightforward approach.  (I’m open to advice and even criticisms).

Finally, a look at the dreaded, ‘Let’s just split the bill and call it even‘ ploy at group dinners. Reading between the lines on this one, I kind of got the feel that the writer (Donna Fergusen) was using this story to get some stuff out of her system.  I could be wrong. 

All right. Back to the books for me.

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