Day: 12 April 2011

one of a handful of problems

with self-publishing is the lack of specialist review/critique.

Case in point (and I apologise if this comes off a bit rude): had Allen Austin’s recently pressed, The Middle of the Earth (Xulon Press, 2011) been given a once-over by an outside reader, specifically a ‘Simon Cowell’ of ancient and biblical history, it might not have seen the light of day–at least in it’s present form.  (Go here for the story about the book, and here for the publisher’s summary).

The premises are weak and, from what I remember from my studies of ancient Egyptian religion, certainly not in harmony with what is known about ancient beliefs.  Moreover, the historical assumptions are not only outlandish; they are flat-out laughable.  Especially this one:

I am making claims which most people have never heard or even thought about. The mummified body of Adam, the first created being, was laid in the sarcophagus of the Great Pyramid until the resurrection of Jesus. The Egyptians recorded it. This book gives a true perspective of our history, which should compel anyone towards God.

Dude, the reason why ‘most people have never heard of even though about’ your claims is because no one has put the time and effort into examining them–primarily because they’re not worth the time or effort.  Adam was mummified in Egypt, resurrected some 2000 years ago and ‘[t]he Egyptians recorded it’.  Really?!  Are you seriously going to make that argument?  Simon Jacobovici isn’t even that bold.  (Or, maybe he is).

HT: Dr. Platypus