pleasant finds in changing times

A lot of changes are taking place at our University: some good, some not-so-good, a few frustrating and a smattering worthy of a confused shaking of the head. 

On the good side, and I confess that I am being completely subjective on this point, is that the library is off-loading a bunch of books for cheap. And by ‘cheap’, I mean ridiculously low cost for the value of what’s available. Here are my recent finds/purchases (in no particular order):

On the not-so-good side, various people have to relocate offices in order to make room for in-coming students and faculty from another campus (i.e. Pittville). Since my current office is one of the largest in the building, and since I’m the only one left in this office (thanks to all my former officemates passing their vivas), and since Pittville immigrants need a place to stay; I’m getting the boot from my current abode. However, all is not lost.

In order to make room for those taking over this office, all contents of the room have to go . . . which means the books on the shelves. Since the books on the shelves were extra copies of ones already owned by the library, and since they were going to be sold for a ridicuously cheap price with all the others, and since I’m slotted to get the boot; I was generously given permission to have first pick. The books from this opportunity are:

On the frustrating side, the relocation process also involves a handful of faculty from this campus (i.e. Francis Close Hall), including Andrew Lincoln, Lloyd Pietersen, Dee Carter, Gordon McConville, Pekka Pitkanen, Simon Monk and a few others. In preparation for his move, Gordon decided to reduce his collection and lay out some of the books he no longer needs or wants. He graciously allowed me to select a small handful, which included:

Total cost for the whole lot (i.e. all three lists): £3.00.[1]

[1] The books from Gordon are excluded from this price. His graciousness meant ‘free of charge’.

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