leaping and jumping . . . but with a headache

I arrived back at the University shortly after 1.00pm, following a great catch-up chat with a friend, and did so with the hope of getting back to work. However, I felt something beginnnig to form behind my left eye, which usually doesn’t end well. While waiting to confirm my suspicions, I proceeded to the IT lab in order to retrieve some files from my old Uni-issued computer.*

During the 25 minutes it took for the old computer to boot up (and that’s not exaggerating) and the extra 10 minutes to move from the log-in screen to the usable desktop, the pressure in my head increased. I knew then that today was screwed. So after retrieving some of my files,** I made my way to the library to drop off a book before getting my things from the office and journeying home.

On my way out of the library, I made a quick pit-stop at the collection of books for sale–just to look. However, my ‘just looking’ frame of mind quickly turned to ‘have to have’ when I saw two gems. First: Luke Timothy Johnson, The Acts of the Apostles (SP 5; 1992). Second: G.K. Chesterton, What’s Wrong with the World (1910)–cue Ben Myer’s snickering. At the counter, I learn that there is a sale going on: buy one get one free. So both books: 50p.

Awesome result . . . but still have the headache, so I’m going home.

* We were graciously given newer (and better?) PCs a couple of weeks ago.
** I accidentally deleted some things I really needed and couldn’t figure out how to undo my mistake. The pain is too much at this point for me to care.

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