early news from australia and new zealand

As suspected, Harold Camping’s 21-May prediction is wrong. The catastrophic events (specifically in New Zealand) that he predicted failed to occur; no descent of the Lord, no trumpets, no angelic shouts, no dead rising from the ground, no ‘rapture’ of the saints as–1Thess 4.16-17 states.* Nothing. Camping’s passionate, emphatic and grand predictions were simply that; there is not any truth to be found in them.

I noted earlier that this is not the first time that Camping has been premature (and wrong) in his end-time predictions.  I find it a tad intriguing that Camping’s previously failed prediction resulted from his (confessed) failure to read/consider Jeremiah. He claims that his revised prediction (i.e. the one that failed today) had stronger and more substantial support because of his reading Jeremiah. My intrigue is this. In reading through Jeremiah in order to bolster his false predictions, he would have come across this passage:

Then the Lord said to me, ‘The [false] prophets are prophesying falsehood my name. I have neither sent them nor commanded them nor spoken to them; they are prophesying to you a false vision, divination, futility and the deception of their own minds. Therefore thus says the Lord concerning the prophets who are prophesying in my name, although it was not I who sent them–yet they keep saying, “There will be no sword or famine in this land”–by sword and famine those prophets shall meet their end’ (14.14-15)

While the specific circumstances of this passage and Camping’s are different (one predicting a time of peace and prosperity, the other predicting catastrophe), Camping must have seen the fundamental principle at work in this passage: don’t claim to speak for God, or a message (as though it is) from God when in reality God has not spoken; it doesn’t end well for those who do so. Camping’s failed prediction today places him in the category of a false prophet.

Thankfully, for Camping’s sake, the rules for what to do with false prophets don’t apply (i.e. stoning to death); but this ability to dodge rocks does not give him a pass to continue prophesying falsely. He needs to stop. He is performing a great disservice to the many he has duped and to the truth he claims to uphold, namely he is touting false beliefs based on faulty views of the Bible. As restitution, I think Camping should at least pay back all the people who cashed in their retirement accounts in order to promote his deception.

* Of course, we must read this passage in its larger context to know its primary focus/meaning.

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