Day: 15 June 2011

quotes of the evening

These are just two of the many I could have noted from the short introduction of my recent purchase (from the Uni’s learning centre):*

Man’s reality is his life with others. Everything private is necessarily privatio, a deprivation, an isolation opposed to life, opposed to man, opposed to God, a deadly abstraction, just as any theory, when it is made a life-principle, becomes also an opposed and deadly abstraction. Human life is always life in the community. Insofar as it is not, it is not life but death.

And then this one:

By true belief, however, nothing can be meant by that belief by which man sees himself as he really is. True belief is the opposite of the ideology by which man surrenders to an unreal dream of himself.

–H.E. Brunner, The Theology of Crisis (1931), xiv, xx.

Great stuff. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the book.

* I have a feeling that Jim West will be pleased with this purchase.