nearly perfect

The always entertaining and insightful Scotteriology mentioned this ‘ultimate Bible quiz,’ which is really a bit of a misnomer.  Oh well.  The test was a bit on the easy side and, as Scott points out, rather generous with its praise–even for those who are not perfect:

You know the Bible 98%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses – you know it all! You are fantastic!
Well, technically not ‘all’ because I got 98% out of a possible 100%, which is two less than ‘all’.  I bet it was an OT question that got me.  Guess that means I should go back and read it again.  Feel free to take it, brag about it, rub in my face that you got 100% and I didn’t; whatever strikes your fancy. 

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