transient theological thoughts (2)

Call me slow, naive, conservative, dismissive or even cynical (I don’t really care which); but I’m finally able to articulate a question, the substance of which has been bothering me for quite some time.  I’ll let you decide the merits and value of the question.  Simply stated (ha-ha):

In the midst of critical studies of the Bible, has the focus of such studies caused us to wrestle with the (assumed) problems about the Bible to the extent that we have lost sight of the (known) problem–and its solution–as described within the Bible?  Or to state it differently: have we prioritised the flaws about the biblical text over the greatest flaw about ourselves (i.e. sinfulness), which that text records, and by extension marginalised the greatest solution (i.e. forgiveness and salvation), which that same text proclaims?


  1. I LOVE how you phrased this. I’ve never framed it all my doubts and questions about God like you just did. The idea that if He had a flaw, it would still be better than our “perfect” ideas of how things should be… that is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great question! Well stated! My initial reaction in reading this is to suggest that the overly critical study of the Bible is generally rooted in an indifference to the theological problem presented. By this I am referring to the line of criticism kicked off by the super liberal German rationalists in the 19th century. Thanks for sharing this bit of deep thought.

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