a little boost

For those who know me, it will not be surprising to hear that I tend to be my worst critic and I often question my abilities.  Admittedly this assessment occasionally creates negative feelings or thoughts, which are certainly not good.  However, there are times when this assessment compels me to push forward, try harder and hopefully become better.

To be rather candid, the past few weeks have been littered with the negative aspect–i.e. I’ve not seen myself (or my work) as adequate or worthy of much of anything. (See, the bad stuff is still lingering). But I just encountered something that gave me a good laugh and a little boost of encouragement, and that something was this:

I have no idea who performed this search or even what they expected to find; but none of that really matters. Whoever you are, know that you just made my afternoon. Cheers! (Don’t worry, I won’t let it go to my head).

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