a little self disclosure

This is totally boosted from Mark Steven’s blog, with a few necessary changes of course. Happy reading.

A week or so ago Dave Black posted the following facts about himself and asked for some fun facts about us in return. I thought I’d give it a go!

  • My favourite food is . . . most things Italian, a good steak (I’m a meatatarian, deal with it), and a nice curry.
  • I cannot stomach . . . tripe (never had it, but I’m just guessing it wouldn’t go down well).
  • My favourite TV show of all time is . . . The West Wing, Big Bang Theory, Boston Legal, and Modern Family.
  • In my spare time I . . . read, write, browse charity shops with my lovely wife, and relax.
  • One word used to describe me when growing up . . . I’m never good at this sort of thing; ask my wife, she knew me then.
  • One word used to describe me today . . . undeserving.
  • If I had a million dollars I’d . . . pay off my school loans, take my gorgeous wife on a world cruise, keep a small portion to invest, and give the rest away.
  • I send this many emails each day . . . depends on the day.
  • Being a pastor is . . . surprisingly hard, but unbelievably rewarding.
  • My favourite book that I’ve read is . . . strangely, Down Under (Bill Bryson).
  • Before I die I want to meet . . . Jamie Oliver, Stephen Fry, and the guys at Top Gear.
  • My (earthly) hero is . . . not sure if I really have one.
  • My favourite theologian is . . . too many to choose from.  To name a few: AM Hunter, Frank Matera, Andrew Lincoln, and Tom Thatcher.
  • I went to high school at . . . Shamrock High School (no longer in existence)
  • My favourite spot on earth is . . . anywhere with my wife.
  • If I wasn’t an pastor I would be . . . doing what I’m doing now: studying to be a professor/scholar/etc
  • My favourite Bible verse is . . . I’ve never liked this question.
  • My favourite pet is . . . Lady Middleton Fuzzyboots–i.e. our Siamese cat.
  • My favourite commentary on Matthew is by . . . Robert Stein. (Admittedly, I haven’t read too many commentaries on Matthew).
  • I am embarrassed that I . . . fail to remember people’s names.
  • I used to pastor in . . . northern Kentucky (as a Children’s Minister).
  • I love . . . my beautiful wife, my wonderful family, my dear friends; coffee, good food, old books, and golf (even though I suck at it).
  • I really love . . . the life I have.
  • I once preached . . . yeah, I have nothing exciting for this one.
  • We honeymooned . . . at DisneyWorld (Orlando).
  • Our first mission trip together was to . . . Jenn and I have not done a mission trip together.
  • I was once asked to . . . be a best man in a wedding via webcam.
  • I have only recently given up on my dream of . . . making it as a painter (in the artistic sense). Actually, I gave up on that a long time ago.
  • As a child I wanted to be . . . chef or veterinarian.
  • I used to work as . . . (in order) dishboy, sports retail, Chick-fil-A, cook at Italian Oven, fine art framing, driver for the ’96 Olympics, student recruiting, clothing retail, day care worker, insurance billing, Children’s Minister, research assistant, cafe barista, medical records scanner, adjunct instructor, and adjunct tutor (England).
  • My favourite movie (Non series) is . . . Princess Bride, A Few Good Men, Great Escape, and O Brother Where Art Thou.
  • Most people don’t know that I . . . have a difficult time in large groups.
  • I have never been in . . . Canada.
  • I hope to one day . . . to be a father.
  • While in high school I . . . neglected to apply myself, that is until the final year.
  • I am from a Christian home.
  • I have had coffee with . . . Ravi Zacharias and NT Wright.
  • I hope to one day . . . to write a book.
  • I would love to pray and read my Bible more.
  • Finally, I hope to be . . . the best husband to my stunning wife and the greatest father to our children.

So . . . what are some fun facts about you?

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