help, please

All right, this is a new one for me.  I went to save my work and was immediately confronted with this message:

I should say this was the second time I received that message.  On the first occasion, based on what the window says, I decided to close all of the unnecessary programs to see if that would help. (As you can tell, no blue dots [=open programs] other than Finder and Word). However, after I did that I still received this message upon trying to save.  I clicked “OK” and got this:

I then clicked “OK” here (mainly because it was my only option), and was confronted with this:

Here I clicked “Yes” (obviously because I want to save this–some how).  However, even after clicking “Yes” the lovely red dot in the top left corner (greyed out in this picture because of the intrusion of the warning) still indicates that the work is not saved.  I attempted to by-pass things by saving the file to my USB key (i.e. “Big Drive”), but I was slapped with the exact same set of messages.

This issue comes a very bad time (as they always do), seeing that this paper/chapter needs to be submitted by the 4th.  I don’t want to lose anything, including my mind, so I am begging for any and all help I can get.


    1. That’s the added problem: our printer died about two months ago and we have not been able to purchase a new one. Good times. 😉

      1. Can you print the doc to pdf? It wont save the word processing file but might at least prevent you from completely losing your work.

  1. Here’s a little other info I found on the problem:

    Sounds like you’ll need to print to .pdf or save to a text file, then restart. Its a known issue that was fixed in later versions of Office for Mac (assuming you’re using the 2004 version they’re talking about). This comment seemed particularly helpful:

    “I’ve dealt with this many times before. It’s because of a Mac/MS word problem that has since been resolved in newer versions of OS X. If you make too many in-document edits and then save them, it causes some kind of weird conflict that won’t allow you to save the document. Something to do with the program believing you are creating new windows every time you save that aren’t being closed.

    The long and the short of it is that you are going to have to copy all that work to Simple Text and save that document. Then force quit your MS word, which will indeed possibly jettison your information. Start Word back up again. Cut and paste the lost information from Simple Text to your old document. If that doesn’t work for you, you can always download an MS Word information recovery program from versiontracker.”

    Hopefully that’s helpful. I’d also recommend considering a switch to Pages. Its pretty cheap, and I think its a superior program. I’ve certainly never had this issue with it. 🙂 Good luck!

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