Day: 2 April 2012

new lecture series

Not mine, I should say.  No, this series comes from Prof Shaye J.D. Cohen and can be found in the humanities section of iTunesU. The lecture series is called, “The Hebrew Scriptures in Judaism and Christianity.” Twenty-six lectures in total (27, if you count the near 2-minute “nice to meet you, this is what we’re attempting” bit), and Prof Cohen has graciously supplied accompanying notes for the entire course.

As he states in the “Introduction” lecture, the course is not about the history of Judaism or the history of the Jewish Bible; instead this course is an investigation of truth claims about the Jewish Bible, claims made by both Jews and Christians. To paraphrase Prof Cohen: the course deals with the (apparent) problem that Jews and Christians claim the same foundational text yet each has differing–and many times contradictory–interpretations of what that text says/means. This problem raises a further historical dilemma, namely: Jews saying Christians are wrong in their interpretation, and Christians saying Jews are wrong in theirs.  Prof Cohen seeks to wrestle with these issues.

Interested yet? Head over to iTunesU and check it out.