Day: 16 April 2012

quote of the day

This comes from Stephen Westerholm’s wonderfully insightful (and, at times, rather humorous) introduction on Paul:

Contemporary confidence that the ‘scientific method’ can resolve the dispute is misplaced. Science may observe nature’s conduciveness to various kinds of life; it has no instrument for determining whether life is good. Science may note the patterns or the chaos apparent in the fraction of reality open to its observation; but its grasp of “all that is” can never be sufficient to justify claims about the structure, or lack of structure, of the whole; nor, if there is structure, can the observations of science distinguish between a mechanically functioning order and an intelligently formed design. Science can tell us how to exploit nature; it is silent to what extent we should. To evaluate the fundamental human issues raised by a comparison of worldviews, we will need to summon human resources both deeper and older than the “scientific method.’

–Westerholm, Preface to the Study of Paul (1997), 13-14