what are you reading? [answered]

My Australian brother, Mark Stevens meanderingly asked the question, “what are you reading?” Before answering, I must express my appreciation for what Mark does (knowingly or not) leading up to his question. He shows that his selection of books is purposeful and intentional. Mark is not (or does not appear to be) reading at random or to assuage a passing fancy or to kill some time. (“As if you could kill time without injuring eternity” –Thoreau).

Moreover, he reveals that his reading is reflective and integrative. Mark does not read so that he can scratch off titles from a list and do a happy dance. (Maybe he does. Mark?). Instead, he reads because he wants what he learns to make sense in real life, and knowing how that happens takes patience and cogitation. (“And we never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say” –Treebeard). That was my meandering way of saying: Thanks, Mark for your insight and habits.

Now, to answer the question at hand. My reading is broken up into two parts: work related and pleasure. I have a page dedicated to this breakdown, but I admit that I have failed to update it lately. So this post will be an updated version (which means I’ll need to fix the allotted page, at which point this will become redundant. C’est la vie).

Work Related
1. L.L. Welborn, Paul, The Fool of Christ (2005)
2. Kenneth Bailey, Paul Through Mediterranean Eyes (2011)
3. Adrian Long, Paul and Human Rights (2009)
4. Bengt Holmberg, Paul and Power (1978)
5. C.K. Robertson, Conflict in Corinth (2001)
6. Peter Marshall, Enmity in Corinth (1987)
7. Edward Adams, Constructing the World (2000)
8. John Lewis, Looking for Life (2007)
9. J. Brian Tucker, You Belong to Christ (2010)
10. Commentaries and journal articles beyond my desire to count.

1. Eugene Peterson, The Pastor (2011)
2. Jennifer Ash & Armin Brott, The Expectant Father(2001)

Now your turn. What are you reading?


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