Month: July 2015

seeking help from other book-fiends

I’ve run into a problem and I need some help. Years ago I created a list of all the books in my personal library, and I did this primarily for insurances purposes–and to keep track of which books my brother would borrow. Thus, this first edition was simply an alphabetical catalog (see here: Personal Library, which needs to be updated, seeing that I’ve added some, read more, and deleted a few). I then used the list as a way of noting which ones I’ve read cover-to-cover, since that is a goal of mine. Hence, the highlighted entries. More recently, and still keeping the previous reasons in play, I decided to use the list as a way of organizing my collection–i.e. cataloging them for shelving purposes. But, it was here that I ran into a problem: How to do the cataloging.

My original thought was to follow standard practices and use a numbering system. But that raised the question: which one? Dewey? Or LC/Call Number? If Dewey: flexibility or rigid faithfulness to the numbering? And if LC: short version or long version? Here is a screenshot of the file where I attempted both systems, mainly to see which is easier to do:

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 09.51.47

So, along with the minor questions above, here are my broad questions to my fellow book-fiends: how do you keep track of your books and catalog/shelve them? (Or do you even bother?). Is there a program you use that you would recommend?

really struggling to see a difference

A friend posted this link, which describes–albeit in brief form–the eschatological views of “Jehovah’s” Witnesses. Apart from item #4, I am at a loss for how these view differ from those found within Classical and Revised/Modified Dispensationalism.