seeking help from other book-fiends

I’ve run into a problem and I need some help. Years ago I created a list of all the books in my personal library, and I did this primarily for insurances purposes–and to keep track of which books my brother would borrow. Thus, this first edition was simply an alphabetical catalog (see here: Personal Library, which needs to be updated, seeing that I’ve added some, read more, and deleted a few). I then used the list as a way of noting which ones I’ve read cover-to-cover, since that is a goal of mine. Hence, the highlighted entries. More recently, and still keeping the previous reasons in play, I decided to use the list as a way of organizing my collection–i.e. cataloging them for shelving purposes. But, it was here that I ran into a problem: How to do the cataloging.

My original thought was to follow standard practices and use a numbering system. But that raised the question: which one? Dewey? Or LC/Call Number? If Dewey: flexibility or rigid faithfulness to the numbering? And if LC: short version or long version? Here is a screenshot of the file where I attempted both systems, mainly to see which is easier to do:

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 09.51.47

So, along with the minor questions above, here are my broad questions to my fellow book-fiends: how do you keep track of your books and catalog/shelve them? (Or do you even bother?). Is there a program you use that you would recommend?

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  1. Hey Carl! Unfortunately, I don’t generally keep up with my library right now, though I need to in some way. If ou are a Mac user, there is a program called “Delicious Library.” It is a way to organize everything from CDs to books, and it catalogues them by allowing you to scan the barcode of the book on the camera at the top of the computer screen (again, on a Mac). I’ve just never sucked it up and spent the $30 or whatever it is on the program. It seemed simple and easy enough, but it may not cover the depth of organizational genius you’re looking for…

    Sorry to not be of more help. I don’t have he patience for that kind of spreadsheet, and the Delicious Library would cater to my laziness. But I’m too lazy to buy it. Vicious cycles…

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