This page houses the small collection of the occasional sermons I’ve preached over the past few years, ranging from 2002 until now. Since my original work in ministry was with children, preaching was not very often; so the number of sermons from the olden days will be few. (I could upload some of the lessons I taught children, but those would probably bore most of you to tears; so they’ll stay on the hard drive).

During my Seminary days, I was able to preach from time to time at a friend’s church in Cincinnati; but two of those were admittedly repeats of earlier sermons. After moving to England (in 2008), however, opportunities to preach increased slightly; so the number of more recent sermons are greater (obviously). These were still occasional simply because I was not an official staff member of our church; I was simply on a kind of preaching rotation–with two other able-minded individuals (and the vicar, of course).

If you haven’t already looked, I have arranged the list according to the years in which the sermons were originally given (repeats will not be repeated in the list). If multiple sermons were given in a single year, they are arranged chronologically. Admittedly, some of the sermons are parts of larger series. This means that my references to other sermons given by other individuals might be slightly obscure. If there is any confusion, please feel free to ask.

With regard to contents, I make very few apologies. I originally considered going back through and “updating” the older ones by editing the contents so as to fit my current thoughts. However, I decided against this partly because to do so would disrupt the development in thought over the years as well as stylistic differences. Moreover, I chose not to “update” past sermons because to do so would be to take away from what was originally said. The only editing that has been done is in the area of spelling and grammar, which is where I struggle the most.

The format for each sermon is full-manuscript, so what is seen on the page is nearly exactly what was spoken. (I always leave room for flexibility and adaptation when is the sermon is given). For those of you who do decide to read through these, I welcome feedback on how things might be presented better; or if you have a story that might fit with what’s said, I would love to hear it. Also, I don’t really care if you want to borrow the material and adapt it to fit your needs. If you do wish to borrow it, all that I ask is for you to be fair and respectful.

Without any further delays, here is the list:

‘In the Wake of James’–James 1.1-18  (forthcoming)*
‘Christianity: A Religious Relationship’–James 1.19-2.26

‘Beware of False Teachers’–Jude 1-25

‘Philip: The Minister Who Loved to Minister’–Acts 8

The Unmerciful Servant–Matthew 18.23-35
‘Jesus, Fulfilment and the Law’–various texts
‘The Great Cloud of Witnesses’–Hebrews 12

‘All Things New’–various texts
‘Churches in Revelation: Pergamum’–Revelation 2.12-17
‘Churches in Revelation: Philadelphia’–Revelation 3.7-12
‘Gospel of Mark: Walking on Water and Healing Many’–Mark 6.45-56
‘Honouring Your Parents’–Exodus 20.12**

‘Are Things Really New?’–various texts 
‘Wrestling with Truth: The Purposeful Search for God’
–various texts
‘Seven Signs of John’s Gospel: The Healing of the Man Born Blind’–John 9.1-41
‘The Armour of God: The Breastplate of Righteousness’–Ephesians 6.10-17 (audio version)

* This means I’m still trying to locate the file on my computer. It’s been a while since I looked for these sorts of things, and my labeling system back then was a bit odd.
** This one is based on an outline given by J. John, who is the creator of the ‘Just 10’ series. While I used the main topic headings and a couple of illustrations from John’s outline, the overall content is my own.

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