10 lost cities of the world

found, but apparently still lost

YahooTravel supplies us with a captivating look at ‘10 lost cities of the world‘.[1] Forbes.com runs the same story but adds five cities to the list. These sorts of categorisations make me laugh primarily because such places are not lost; they’re found, and have been so for quite some time. If these cities were truly lost, we would not be reading about it on Yahoo or Forbes . . . or anywhere else, for that matter. Why? Because they would be lost–i.e. unseen by us. ‘Lost cities’? Give me a break; the Yahoo and Forbes writers aren’t fooling anyone (I hope).

Despite the misnomer, one thing about the pictures is unmistakable: the ancients were incredible in their skill.

[1] What I found interesting was that the above headline is what the article says, but the header in the internet window reads: ’10 Cities of the Lost World,’ which carries a different meaning.