Mac problems

help, please

All right, this is a new one for me.  I went to save my work and was immediately confronted with this message:

I should say this was the second time I received that message.  On the first occasion, based on what the window says, I decided to close all of the unnecessary programs to see if that would help. (As you can tell, no blue dots [=open programs] other than Finder and Word). However, after I did that I still received this message upon trying to save.  I clicked “OK” and got this:

I then clicked “OK” here (mainly because it was my only option), and was confronted with this:

Here I clicked “Yes” (obviously because I want to save this–some how).  However, even after clicking “Yes” the lovely red dot in the top left corner (greyed out in this picture because of the intrusion of the warning) still indicates that the work is not saved.  I attempted to by-pass things by saving the file to my USB key (i.e. “Big Drive”), but I was slapped with the exact same set of messages.

This issue comes a very bad time (as they always do), seeing that this paper/chapter needs to be submitted by the 4th.  I don’t want to lose anything, including my mind, so I am begging for any and all help I can get.

need some geeky mac assistance, please

Because I’m pretty thick when it comes to computer stuff, especially stuff related to internet connections, I need some help/insight/assistance for a recurring problem. I’ll start with the details and then explain my issue/problem.

We have a fairly standard internet service in the house: cable runs out of the wall into a slightly dated router, and whereas before we were confined to a single ethernet cable (albeit c. 50 feet long) we now connect via a wireless router . . . one that’s rigged to the original router. By me. Without gaffer tape (surprisingly). While the logic of the rigging made sense, I didn’t know if it would work once connected.  Lo and behold, it worked.  (I was rather chuffed with myself).  That was nearly 2 years ago.

Shortly thereafter (maybe a month or two), I opened my laptop as usual, kicked on Safari, loaded a page or two and began my usual evening surfing. However, while bouncing around from one page to another I suddenly received a message saying I was no longer connected to the internet. I looked to the top of the screen and saw that my signal strength was full, so I presumed that much was okay. I then decided to click on the ‘network diagnostic’ button in the middle of my grim announcement, and followed the onscreen prompts. To give you an idea, my situation looked something like this:

For the moment, ignore the date and time.

At this point in the process, I clicked ‘continue’, was asked a couple more questions and then be given the suggestion: try resetting the router and/or restarting its power supply (my paraphrase). Naturally I complied and  the suggestion worked. Problem sorted.

However, about a month or so later the same thing happened. Armed with my new knowledge of how to fix things, I did as before and was met with the same result. Good times. But then, about a month or so later . . . (you get the idea).

Now for my problem: whereas this issue would happen only occasionally, it has become more like a daily occurrence. In fact, the screenshot above was the first of three that happened on that particular day. It’s getting a tad annoying, to say the least (and there is certainly more that I would love to say).

Now for my plea for advice: can anyone tell me if the connection problem is either my fault (either because of something up in my laptop or my rigging job) or the internet provider’s? My instinct is the latter simply because of the status window (see above), which shows the problem being linked with ‘internet’ and ‘server’. But then again, my knowledge in this areas is laughable at best.

not liking it

I need some help from my fellow Mac geeks (or those familiar with Safari). Last night, I did a basic system update without any real problems. As soon as it was done, I closed up and went to sleep. This morning, when I reopened for ‘business’, I found something strangely (and annoyingly) different about Safari, and I’m not liking it.

Before, when using tab-browsing, I could create a ton of new tabs without any trouble.  Command-T, and that’s it.  (Or, if I’m feeling mousey, double-click in the grey area next to an existing tab, and done). Now, if I create a new one (in either way), the existing tab loses the page and goes straight to my ‘top sites’ page, which looks like this:*

To make things more interesting (=annoying): let’s say I create a new tab and remain unbothered by the loss of the page in the first tab. If I type a website into the newly created tab and hit enter, the tab that lost everything becomes the place where the website typed into the new tab appears. (Still with me?) I’ve looked into Preferences to see if anything was different about my tab-browsing options, and nothing has changed (and nothing was added with the update).

Anyone have any ideas?

* Those of you recognising your own website, don’t try to read anything into the order in which they appear. Even though Jim West‘s page is first.