jane’s addiction and webpages on the scythians

On odd combination, to be sure.  Here’s why.  While tootling around the internet this morning, feeding my brain with some general ancient history (namely the historical context of the emergence of the Persian Empire), I stumbled across what appears to be straight-up plagiarism.  I’ll let you decide.

Here’s the first link: ‘The Scythians‘, from something called the World History Center.  Here’s the second link: ‘The Scythians‘, from the Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies.  The differences between the two are minor (e.g. word changes, formatting), but the similarities are . . . well, almost exact (aside from the titles).

Not really sure which site needs to be linked with Jane’s Addiction, mainly because of the overlap (and dare I say, ambiguity) in copyright dates, but there’s obviously some thieving going on here.