all in a good brew

While I do not need more ‘proof’ that coffee is good and not, as one friend calls it, ‘the devil’s urine’; this article in Yahoo’s food page offered pleasant support to an already pleasing endeavour.  Although, I must say that I have a slight issue with number 4: ‘[Coffee] can harbor bacteria.’  (Keep in mind, this article is about facts and not benefits; the two can be quite different).

My issue here is that, in light of what the ‘fact’ states, bacterial growth is not necessarily the fault of coffee; the fault in this case lies with those who fail to clean out their coffee makers.  (Heaven forbid that I suggest humans need to own up to the problems they cause and not assign blame elsewhere).  Moreover, the propensity for bacterial growth is not something exclusively inherent to coffee; nearly any (if not all) food stuff has the potential of becoming the host for a bacterial Glastonbury.  Thus, there is no real (or even good) reason to single out coffee in this way.  Shame.

Now, time for more coffee.


  1. 1) I don’t drink coffee myself (can’t stand the taste or smell of it personally), but am willing to adopt a “to each his own” policy towards that do. But even I agree that is a poor reason for avoiding coffee.
    2) Maybe it’s just me, but this reminds me of the “religion causes wars and/or persecutions” arguments popular among many of the New Atheists. If they want to try to argue that this is an inherent characteristic of religion, then someone explain to me where all those roving bands of bloodthirsty Mennonites are hiding.
    3) Did I actually get a female avatar? If so, I want to file an appeal because last time I checked, I had entirely the wrong equipment for that.

    1. Thanks for your feedback; I really appreciate it. I especially liked point #2. As far as the avatar goes, I truly apologise for that. If you know of a way for me to change it, let me know and I will happily do so. Changing that is much easier, cheaper, humane and respectful to you than having you change your equipment just to match the avatar. 🙂

      1. No apology necessary. Like they say, no harm, no foul. It’s just that I have such a bizarre sense of humor that when I see something askew like that, I have to go “whoa… did I just see that or am I just imagining things?”.
        But it is nice (not to mention a bit comforting) to know that no operation will be required to make the avatar and me match.

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